Replacement tips

How to change the tips of the AERO COLOR® Professional LINER:

LINER No. 1, No. 3 and No. 5:

  • Unscrew LINER cap including valve cap with caution.
  • Hold the valve of the LINER and withdraw the tip in forwarddirection.
  • Assemble the new tip.
  • Afterwards reassemble the valve cap and the LINER cap andscrew it tightly.

LINER No. 2 , No. 4 and No. 6:

  • Take off the LINER cap.
  • Unscrew the valve cap with caution.
  • Press the tip incl. the cellular foam out of the valve cap(be careful, both is soaked with colour).
  • Reassemble the new tip and the cellular foam, then insert thetip (in forward direction) into the valve cap.
  • Afterwards reassemble the valve cap and the LINER cap.

Please note for all kind of LINER:

  • Shake well the reassembled and closed LINER and press the tip (gently and with caution) until the colour appears in the tip -done!

Further useful advice:

  • When starting, it is advisable to go ahead with caution when exchanging the tips. We recommend you to protect the workplace and to wear protective gloves as AERO COLOR® Professional dries water-resistant!
  • Store the tank of the LINER - when dismantled - upright in a jar in order to avoid that the colour or the 2 mixing balls spill out of the LINER.
  • Activate the refilled LINER on a separate paper - not on your artwork.