The different AERO COLOR® Professional LINER allow the fast and easy application of the 36 lightfast and water proof and 12 highly opaque TOTAL COVER shades of AERO COLOR® Professional without using an airbrush.
The empty pens are available in different sizes and different tips. This allows to create easily individual sketches, drawings or signatures on diverse surfaces such as paper, canvas, wood, primed metal or primed plastic. The coloured shades can be mixed with each other, so that the artist only needs some basic colours in order to obtain a wide and colourful selection

How to fill the AERO COLOR® Professional LINER:

  • Open and remove the cap and the valve cap.
  • Remove the coloured valve (LINER No. 1: yellow; LINER No. 2 + No. 4: white-violet; LINER No. 3 + No. 5: green-violet; LINER No. 6: transparent).
  • Fill the AERO COLOR® Professional shade up to a maxiumum of 2/3 by using an eyedropper.
  • Then put the valve back in place, screw the valve cap and the cap tightly.
  • After reassembling and closing, shake the LINER well.
  • Press the tip (gently and with caution) until the colour appears in the tip!

Further useful advice:

  • When starting, it is advisable to go ahead with caution when exchanging the tips. We recommend you to protect the workplace and to wear protective gloves as AERO COLOR® Professional dries water-resistant!
  • Store the tank of the LINER – when dismantled – upright in a jar in order to avoid that the colour or the 2 mixing balls spill out of the LINER.
  • Activate the refilled LINER on a separate paper - not on your artwork.
  • The label of the LINER shows a small blank frame where you can note the colour numer.
  • Adding about 5 % of AERO Retarder (50607) slows drying of acrylic colours and improves the flow properties
  • Put the cap on the LINER directly after use in order to avoid the drying of AERO COLOR® Professional in the LINER tip! Store the LINER horizontally.
  • Protect from frost!