Finest acrylic ink

  • 36 brilliant colour shades incl. achromatic colours
    as well as 12 highly opaque colours TOTAL COVER
    and 9 highly transparent Candy colours
  • 12 exceptional effect colours with unique colour effects

    • AERO SHINE (2x mother-of-pearl effect)
    • AERO METALLIC (7x metallic effect)
    • AERO VISION (3x multi-colour effect)

  • Airbrush colours as well suitable as liquid acrylic ink, for many mixed media techniques, brushes, dip-pens, LINER
  • Unique highly-opaque SUPRA-white, opaque
  • 3 primary shades for perfect mixing results: primary yellow, primary magenta and primary Cyan
  • Highest possible lightfastness (4 - 5 stars)
  • Outstanding adhesion properties on many surfaces
  • Satin mat finish and water-resistant drying
  • Comprehensive assortment of mediums from priming to final Treatment
  • 6 AERO COLOR® Professional LINER (empty pens for filling with 36 standard colours, 12 colours TOTAL COVER and 9 Candys of AERO COLOR® Professional) with different line widths
  • water-based final lacquers: robust, scratch-proof and ready for use with airbrush.

AERO COLOR® Professional stands for ideal working properties. AERO COLOR® Professional colours have a pleasant odour, are easy to use and can be used on most grease-free surfaces. All colours are ready for use. Due to their finest pigmentation, they can be used pure but can also be diluted with AERO MEDIUM (Art.No. 50602) or with water.

All colours come in 28 ml jars, 24 colours are also available in plastic 250 ml and 5 primary colours are available also in 1000 ml jars for artists using large quantities.

AERO COLOR® Professional adheres particularly well to all sorts of papers and cardboards as well as the usual, non-absorbent surfaces such as film, hard plastics and – after appropriate preliminary treatment – metal. The colours are easy to mask and excellent for graphic designs and special airbrush techniques.

AERO COLOR® Professional dries semi-matt, is water-resistant and is easy to reproduce.