Colour picker of Ton Derks

A great guide for mixing AERO COLOR Professional easily

The Dutch airbrush artist Ton Derks created a huge mixing table - based on 16 AERO COLOR® Professional colours - which we can highly recommend:
The principle: All 16 colours chosen by Ton Derks will be mixed among each other in a ratio 1:1. All 120 achieved colours are then lightened in 5 steps by adding water and SUPRA white, opaque (ratio from 1:1 up to 1:25).
Furthermore, he mixed some complementary colours among each other in a ratio from 1:9 up to 9:1.
This incredible huge palette of AERO COLOR® Professional is documented in detailed mixing ratios so that the users can easily mix each presented colour by themselves.
The multilingual colour picker (in Dutch, English and German) is available directly from Ton Derks ( You can buy a typical colour fan and a A5 booklet.

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