Mixing neutral grey yourself

From time to time, our customers ask us how to mix a neutral grey using AERO COLOR Professional .

To answer this question, time and again, the proposition “magenta + green = neutral grey” is trotted out.

Indeed, until 2003, it was possible to take the then extant "primary magenta" (28350) and the "basic green" (28540) and mix them together into a neutral grey.
In the course of upgrading the product to AERO COLOR® Professional , the designation "basic colour" was struck out of the product assortment, but not the shade. Using the colours "primary magenta" (28304) and "brilliant green" (28501) it is still possible - with a mixing ratio of 1:1 - to create a comparable neutral grey.


28350 - 28540 - 28350+28540 (1:1)

Bildschirmfoto 2016 11 17 um 11.43.46

28304 - 28501 - 28304+28501 (1:1)