The basic assortment AERO COLOR Professional

Variable mixing possibilities for airbrush- and liquid acrylic techniques

The basic assortment box (81108) contains 9 brilliant, liquid shades AERO COLOR® Professional and is the main basis for all airbrush works, acrylic painting (similar to water-colour painting), mixing techniques and many others. All 9 shades are very brilliant, lightfast and can be used pure, thinned with water and can also be mixed among each other. If you mix all shades with each other, you get a very large range of brilliant colours.

The diagram shows only a choice of mixing possibilities, which can further be extended. With the pipette bottle it is easy to dose the colour very accurately. Mixing ratios can be achieved as the colour can be analized down to the drops and then be mixed accordingly. Due to the high quality of the pigments and the purity of the single colours the brilliance of the colours in mixtures is still perfect.

Explanation of the mixing diagram
For the diagram all 9 shades have been applied pure (horizontal axis) and after that mixed with every other shade (vertical axis). The mixing ratio of this example is approx. 2:1. That means that the shades of the horizontal axis (1 portion i.e. 1 drop) are mixed with the shades of the vertical axis (2 portions i.e. 2 drops). The result are 72 new shades!

AERO COLOR Grundsortiment D